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Our Mission

WeCARe! Foundation in Papua New Guinea was established to provide care and support to Women and Children at Risk in the urban communities. WeCARe! wants to see vulnerable people to have equal opportunities in education, health and income earning opportunities, and making them become a productive citizens of PNG

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect with, inspire, motivate and empower communities to support vulnerable women and children in PNG.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our values which  defines: who we are, what is important to us, who we work with, who we work for, and how we deliver our services

Our Vision

WeCARe! Foundation aims to be PNG’s best equipped drop-in centre that works with local community care-centres to care for vulnerable women and children.

Our Guiding Principles

WeCARe! Foundation for Women and Children at Risk is operating with six main guiding principles. These principles guides the operations of our programs

We empower the community with the support they need to care for people at risks.

We Support people in need, particulary the disadvantaged women and children those who are abused, neglected and are in real need.

We are concerned from the welfare of people at risk by being compassionate in our approach in providing suitable support that is beneficial to them.

We reach out to them (people at risk) and we find them in the settlments in the urban areas.

We encourage sustainability through the implementation stage of the support process that are renderd to the Care Groups.

We empower communities when we stand back and allow them to take ownership of their problems and solutions to them. We are not there to make them rely to us.

Value Proposition - What is unique about us?

We are PNG’s fully equipped drop-in centre that works with established care centres in PNG to care for vulnerable women and children.

“Christian – Transparent – Reliable – Loyal”