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Our partnership with the Digicel Foundation has provided the community of Morota-Two a platform to learn sewing as a life skill program piloted under We Care.
Enrolling over 70 women in this training, they are taught to sew a wide range of clothing from meri-blouses to underwear; hosting two classes per day – one session during the morning and another in the afternoon part of the day.

“We want to empower them with livelihood skills, we are also looking to introduce baking and tie-dyeing here in this center.” Sandra Ibene, the We Care Program Officer stated.

Elizabeth, a widowed mother of five who attended the training said it gave her and the other women in the community who face various hardships an opportunity to be self-sufficient by bringing the skill-training right to their doorsteps:
“Planti blo mipla mipla stap ya em mipla widows, mipla single mama’s, broken homes, mahn lusim mipla go. Kain osem mi, mahn dai go lusim mi wantaim faifpela pikinini, bikpla samting mipla tok tenk yu lo yupla kam insait na helpim mipla. Tenk yu lo yu karim disla servis kam insait lo haus dua.”