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WeCARe! Foundation in Papua New Guiena is a charity organization. We rely on donations both in cash and in-kind to help us continue our mission to support women, children and people with special needs in urban settlements in Port Moresby and across Papua New Guinea. 

Your contributions will go towards supporting our four main programs and activities.  We thank you in advance for supporting us realising our mission to serve vulnerable, marginalised wome and children in Papua New Guiena.

Financial Donations

All financial donations will be used to run the programs that need financial expensing. We will provide acquitals of the expenses to our donors to ensure we are committed to what we are doing.

We are working on accepting donations online through our website. In the mean time we accept donations manually

If you are thinking of supporting WeCARe!, please contact our program manager  to facilitate the payment processess. For more information, please contact us by clicking here.

Donation in Kind

WeCARe! Foundation also need non-monetary supports to help running daily programs and activities. Any material items, furniture, electrical appliances, or any forms of supports are welcomed.

If you think you would like to support us with non-monetary items, materials or resources, please contact us to facilitate the delivery processes.

You can visit our office at La Salle Technical School, Oak Street, Hohola 4, Port Moresby or contact us on info@wecarepng.org.pg