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WeCARe! Foundation is a charity organization in Papua New Guinea. We are the Foundation for Women and Children at Risk.

WeCARe! was founded in 2002, and officially recognised and registered as a not-for-profit charity NGO aimed to support women and children in the urban settlements of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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What We do in the communities

Our main focus is to provide care and support to Women and Children who are at Risk from all forms of abuses.

Our programs are designed to empower women, assist marginalised women, children and people with special needs or people with disabilities.

We provide Education Supports, Empower Women, Early Childhood Learning and support to People with Special Needs

WeCARe! provide community service response to all comunity problems. We exercise concerns for abused, exploited, ambadoned young women and children in in urban settlements.

Where to we get support?

WeCARe! Foundation in PNG is a charity organization and we entirely depend on donations and support to run our programs and activities. Our main source of funding comes from the Digice Foundation including other business and corporate house who have shown support to us from time to time.

How to Get Involve?

You can find out about ways to get involve in our programs. This can be through donations, partnership or working with us. For more, contact us at here

WeCARe! Foundation in PNG

Our History

WeCARe! Foundation in PNG was founded by an Catholic priest named Fr John Glynn in 2002 after a surprised visit by a female sex worker in Port Moresby. This triggered Fr J to conceptualised and formed WeCARe! Read More…

Our Mission

¬†WeCARe! mission in urban settlements is to¬† provides supports to poor, disabled, marginalised and abandoned young women and children to become good, decent, valued and productive citizens in PNG. Read more…

Supporting Us

WeCARe! Foundation in PNG is a charity and not-for-profit organization. Started by Fr John with support from families and friends, WeCARe! have received enormous supports from public. You can donate or work in partnership with us